Clash Squad
Rank Season 4
New Season starts 12/08 17:00 SGT

“Clash Squad Season 4 is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item - The Golden P90!

For Season 4, we’re making major matchmaking adjustments to increase the quality of every match played. In this new season, premade teams will be matched against each other. After the update, the team formation of both squads should be more balanced. This should make each round of Clash Squad more enjoyable and competitive. ”

Weapon and Balance
New Weapon - Vector Akimbo
Available in Classic & Clash Squad
“Introducing our new weapon- Vector Akimbo. The Vector is the first Akimbo weapon in Free Fire, it has a short effective range, but devastating power in close range. Try it out and let us know which Akimbo weapon you hope to see in the future!”

Drop Rate Adjustment in all modes
“M82B is currently a bit too easy to find on the map, especially in the early game. We are going to reduce the drop rate a bit so players will have to put in more effort in order to find this piece of firearm.”

Available in Classic & Clash Squad
“The M4 has been underperforming due to its above-average recoil and a slower rate of fire. We will be giving the M4 a bit more power and range so it can a bit more competitive. After the patch, the M4 should feel a bit more stable and reliable in the medium to long-range.”

Available in Classic & Clash Squad
“Even after the buff last patch, the performance of the P90 was still a bit underwhelming compared to the other SMGs. We’re increasing the P90’s damage output slightly in exchange for its Magazine extension slot. With these changes, players should feel the extra kick in the P90 with its signature 50 rounds magazine.”

Advanced Weapons
Replaced with Advanced Attachments
“Since we’ve released the Advanced Attachments, we’ve been monitoring closely on the performance of each weapon with their unique attachment. Even though weapons with advanced attachments perform decently well, they’re unreliable because finding the Advanced Attachments are too much of a hassle. We’re replacing the Advanced Attachments with Advanced Weapons so players can enjoy the power of these rare drops without needing to look for the attachments.”

Training Grounds
New Minigame
“We’re adding a new currency - Bermuda Shells in the Training Grounds for players who actively participate in minigames and social activities. Use them to exchange for fireworks so you can celebrate with your favorite teammates!”

Electric Surfboard
Speed and Mechanism Adjustment
“The electric surfboard is currently a bit too mobile for opponents to counterplay. We’re slowing its speed and adding some cooldowns to reduce the gap closing power of the surfboard. Players should no longer see others flying across the map with the surfboard after the update.”

Fire Pass
New Interface & Missions
“It has been a while since we’ve given our Fire Pass an update. In this patch, we’re updating the interface for Fire Pass missions so players can get a better view of their progress during each season. In the upcoming season, we’ll be adjusting the mechanism of the missions so players can get a smoother experience leveling up their Fire Pass. Stay tuned for more information.”

In-game HUD
New page at the main Lobby
“You can now save up to two sets of in-game HUD for different game modes. You guys asked and we delivered.”

Rank Mode Interface
Added entrance in the main Lobby
“We’re adding a special page for rank mode this patch. In this brand new interface, you guys can view your stats and the season rewards for Battle Royale and Clash Squad rank mode. You can also compete to see who reaches the top of the leaderboard first!”

In-Game Utilities Menu
Available in the Settings Menu
“We’re allowing you guys to rotate the utility menu so you can adjust the utilities HUD anywhere on the screen.”

Free Fire Partners
Free Fire Partner program now available
“You will now be able to see all Free Fire Partners with their special badge in-game. Spot them out and show them your favorite emote!”

Bug Fix and Optimizations
• Optimized the kill camera for the Battle Royale Mode.
• Optimized in-game tires so players can control their motion while airborne.

• Players can now re-follow the jumpmaster while parachuting.

• Most secondary weapons will now show display on players’ model.

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